XD Cards

First introduced for use in 2002 by Fuji and Olympus, the xD picture card is an excellent way to store your image content taken by your digital camera. xD stands for extreme Digital and it is a flash memory card that is up and coming in the world of digital cameras. Many other brands are now selling the xD cards as memory accessories to their digital cameras.

They are very small and can be used in the tiniest of digital cameras which is why they were initially made. With digital cameras offering a lot of punch in a very small package they needed memory solutions for the slighter cameras. It can also be used in CompactFlash compatible cameras with the use of the adapter. Currently they are offered in sizes ranging from the minute 16mb to the whopping 2GB which holds numerous pictures depending upon your resolution.

With so many memory options available to you, an xD card is just another way to go. The option is yours but you will be very pleased with the level of quality in an xD card. They also offer a high rate of transfer speed which is important when uploading your prized pictures.

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