Storage Media

Digital cameras store all of the pictures on some kind of removable media such as memory cards, memory sticks, or a pen drive. Most digital cameras come with very limited storage or low capacity memory cards if at all. Sometimes all you get is internal memory and that leaves your storage options up to you. Storage is extremely important if you plan on taking a lot of pictures all at one time, because if you run out of space you will have to delete pictures before taking more.

Memory cards are the most popular type of storage media that comes in many different shapes, sizes, and capabilities. The number of pictures you can store depend largely on the type of compression settings on your digital camera. If you have a higher compression you can fit more pictures on a card, although then the quality of the image will suffer a bit.

Before you buy a digital camera you may want to consider what type of storage media that it takes. If you own other gadgets such as a MP3 player, PDA, or other device that take a certain type of card or memory stick then you may want to get a digital camera that takes the same so that you can transfer content more easily. It will save you a few dollars by doing this, and a lot of hassle.

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