Memory Stick

A memory stick is a convenient way to record different types of digital content such as what is found on a digital camera. The memory stick is a removable flash memory card that saves your pictures and then allows you to upload your pictures to your computer or other products that have the capability of using a memory stick.

They are extremely small and compact, but yet reliable and easy to hand. You can store digital photos, computer data, and even music all on one single stick that is very portable. Instead of having to hook up your digital camera to your computer you can simply just use your memory stick. This is especially important if you are uploading in different locations then you usually keep your digital camera so you do not have to lug your camera around with you everywhere you go.

A memory stick is very user friendly and can be used for more than just your digital camera. They make them with higher speeds so uploading is often quick and painless and can be completed in just seconds as compared to traditional uploading. The higher capacity that you get in a memory stick, the more data and image content you can hold, so it is best to buy a larger one to maximize your digital camera experience.

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Sandisk Memory Stick

Various Memory Stick

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