Digital Cameras

Up until recently many people used a camcorder as well as a digital camera. Obviously the digital camera would be for still shots and a camcorder would be for moving shots and sound. However, now the two have come together in a fantastic way.

Most digital cameras that are of some quality give you the option of using it as a camcorder as well. They give you quality videos that are very easy to shoot. They are less bulky then carrying around a camcorder and can look just as good. You simply change your camera over to video and you are on your way. With the higher speed memory cards that are available you can take a lengthy video that you can later put on a CD or DVD to keep forever just as you would with a camcorder. You also have the ability to upload your video to many of the online video sites, or personal website which makes it a lot of fun to use the video on your digital camera.

With the price of buying a digital camera and camcorder separately you may be better off buying a higher quality digital camera that has video capabilities. You will have the best of both worlds in one easy to use camera.

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