Digital Camcorders

Digital camcorders are a wonderful addition to the technological age. They make shooting a video and editing it at home at your convenience so easy and quick. You can create home videos or movies and then simply output them to tape or DVD. You can even post them to the Internet depending on what your goal is in buying a digital camcorder.

Almost all traditional camcorders offer recording in high definition but sometimes it comes at a limitation. They are more expensive and not all video editing software will let you edit high definition footage. Digital camcorders are editing friendly and the high definition gives you gorgeous videos that are extremely clear. Digital camcorders now come with built-in DVD recorders that are much easier to use, but even the MiniDV models offer a lot more to the amateur user to make it simpler to shoot what you want and then edit it right afterwards.

Many of the digital cameras also can work as digital cameras, taking still photos and saving them to the memory card or tape. They typically work as well as a 5 megapixel camera but don't always produce the same quality images. However, they are constantly making upgrades to the digital camcorder and are expected to be just as good as a digital camera in the near future.

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ABC Digital Camcorders

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Canon Digital Camcorders

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Sony Digital Camcorders

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